L.A.B. Restaurant

L.A.B. Restaurant
LOCATION: Toronto, Canada 
COMPLETED: June 2010 
SIZE: 100 sq.ft
COMPANY: the Design Agency
ROLE: Lead Designer 
SCOPE: complete tear down & re-build
L.A.B. Restaurant is a “postage stamp small” restaurant on the bustling & trendy College St. strip. I worked from the concept development to construction phase to create this urban alternative space. Keeping in line with the molecular gastronomy style menu that rising star chefs, Howard Dubrovski and Chris Scott were creating, my decision was to create an ‘Urban Apothecary’ that was inspired by apothecaries of the early 20th Century and that was meshed with an edgy graffiti aesthetic. When first entering the restaurant, one finds themselves in a white tiled clinical space and must pass through lux fuchsia velvet curtains to enter the main dining room. A custom built bar that is made from reclaimed timber to look like an old apothecary cabinet is paired with Dubrovski’s Pastry ‘Lab’ on a raised platform behind the drinks bar, allowing the 20-30 patrons of the restau- rant be voyeurs as he works. Further bespoke elements include, feature lights made from glass wine jugs con- taining suspended light bulbs inside and custom tables with the L.A.B. emblem stencilled with silver spray paint on the surface under a layer of industrial epoxy. For this project I also created all logo and brand designs. 

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